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The Black Sea Session is one of the conference sessions with a special focus. The session is named after the international Black Sea Conferences, that each other year are being organized by the Georgian National Assessment and Examinations Center.

The objective of the Black Sea Conferences, and also of the Black Sea Session during this conference, is to provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience and discuss solutions for using large scale assessments in political decision making. Originally the target group for the Black Sea Conferences were delegates from the Black Sea region and former soviet republics, but it has expanded into a world-wide audience ever since.

The theme of the Black Sea Session is " National and International Assessment as Political Levers". For this session we are welcoming papers that deal with issues concerning communicating data and recommendations from large scale assessments to policy makers, schools and the public at large, and the impact this has on educational policy and practice. The Black Sea session will be preceded by the key note presentation by Prof. Hariharan Swaminathan from the University of Connecticut, who, as a member of many boards and panels dealing with policy making is well acquainted with the impact of large scale assessments on educational innovation.

Delegates who want to contribute to this session are kindly invited to use the call for papers form checking "National and International Assessment as Political Levers: the Black Sea Session" in the list of sub-themes.

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