IAEA welcomes proposals for paper presentations for the Association's 43rd Annual Conference.
The theme of the conference is Assessment as a Social Lever. We welcome contributions related to this theme. Read more about the theme at the theme page

The paper presentations will be organised in strands according to topic. Each presentation will be given 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion. Submitted abstracts will be refereed. Acceptance will depend on the relation to the conference theme, and their relevance for conference participants. The collection of selected papers will also as far as possible be representative of the multinational composition of the Association. By submitting a paper proposal, you are agreeing for either a full paper or a PowerPoint presentation to be submitted before the deadline mentioned below.

Deadline for proposals: Abstract 30th April (see instructions below).
Deadline for submitting full paper: 1st of September (see instructions below)

Instructions for Submission
Proposing a paper happens by submitting an abstract of the paper, using the form below. Your submission should relate to the conference theme. For that purpose you should indicate to which of the sub-theme or –themes your submission refers. Read more about sub-themes at the theme page.

Abstract should be no longer than 300 words.

The submission form allows for entering no more than two authors. If there are more than two, their names and affiliation may be indicated in the abstract itself.

Proposals will be reviewed by the members of the Scientific Program Committee . The general aim of the SPC is to provide ample opportunity for IAEA members to present their experience and thoughts to colleagues. Reviewers will be asked to indicate whether your submission relates to the conference theme (strongly, weakly or not at all), and whether it should be included in the program (yes or no). Once the review process is completed, you will receive acceptance/rejection by email. Decisions will be provided by the 15th of June 2017.


To submit a proposal please fill out the form below


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